Car crashes into apartment leasing office after driver was shot

Low Crude Oil Prices And Saudi Arabia’s Future

Remember the previous Arab Springs, maybe it isn’t over until the fat lady sings? Okay so, that was a fun play on words for an article writer like myself, but let’s talk about this shall we? You see with low oil prices Saudi Arabia will have to borrow money to continue the promises to its people, all that social welfare. Could Saudi Arabia and a number of other Arab states fall the wayside as did Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, etc., etc.? Well, think about it, this last go around we almost lost Jordan, and things are not so good those Oil Republics, Oil Monarchies, or Kingdoms.

Memories of Westwind In the 1960s

In the small group of pioneers that brought a new industry to life in the 1960s, the youngest was an apprentice, Keith Fidgett, and it was the sad news that Keith had lost his wife Jean, that brought memories of those challenging days back to mind. The enterprise which began life as Westwind Turbines Ltd in 1963 was established to develop and manufacture Britain’s first generation of industrial tools incorporating gas lubricated bearings based upon fundamental research carried out at the University of Southampton. After supplying international markets with a range of drilling spindles with air bearings, the company changed its name to Westwind Air bearings, a name it trades under to this day.

Roosevelt, Ford And Paying Living Wages

When Franklin D Roosevelt introduced the first minimum wage into law in 1938 he is reported to have said, “… No business which depends for existence on paying less than living wages to its workers has any right to continue in this country.” And another famous American, Henry Ford, was recently reported to have said that if businesses did not pay good wages to their workers they would have nobody able to buy their products. Yet far from following this wisdom of the ancestors the biggest businesses which are now known as international corporations, scour the globe for people who will work for the lowest wages and employ them in conditions that fall far below minimum health and safety standards in any advanced country.

Religions Were Born Out Of Ignorance But Still Drive The World Order

Who can accept that the bible is truth when so much of it is born out of ignorance? The trap set up by religions began long before it was written, however, and when sun worship was at its greatest.

A Vivid Description of the Last Days and The End Time

The last days are here now as the world gathers together with enough ammunition and the means to blow the world apart. The climate change, loss of species, heat, and plagues are part of it. The anger of God is raining down on man and retribution is inevitable and it has already started.

No One Can Stop the Last Days From Happening

The last days are about a major battle that is already looming and in which the earth will be largely destroyed. It is written in prophecy as the plan of God and no effort by men can stop it. The religious forces have brought the wrath of the real God upon the world and they will battle it out for self-preservation.

If A Nation Controls Their Media – The Election Held Is A Complete Farce

Iran held it’s elections on February 26, 2016 and the results were exactly as predicted, who’d have thought? Well, just about anyone who studies elections in nations where the government or leadership controls their media and censors the Internet, that’s who. Predictable yes, fair, no way – and yes, it’s been said that “He who controls the media, controls the minds of the people” a time or two. Marshall McLuhan was certainly correct about that wasn’t he?

The Impact of Infrastructure Asset Management to Cyclone-Prone Countries

Extreme weather disturbances such as cyclones could be predicted by the weather bureau but nobody can ascertain its effect. Except of course, to expect the worst and first and foremost, the people looking out for their safety as calamity rages on. How about the infrastructure?

Instability In EU

Today’s European Union is a very different animal from the European Economic Community of the 1980s. Moreover, the Great Recession and the Greek crisis have finally hit home what “integration” and “solidarity” really mean, and many Europeans don’t like it. Most in Europe have responded with some vague form of scepticism to the EU solutions to the Greek crisis and Great Recession.

The Arab Spring of Twenty Sixteen

All is not okay in the world during this US 2016 Presidential Election year. Things are not even okay at home, as the president has put forth a budget with huge deficit spending, and the US stock market is making a huge correction and had about the worst “January Barometer” on record. Normally in election years there is sufficient government spending to keep everyone happy, even if it is deficit spending. Many CEOs are expecting a recession, in fact, in the US it may have already started, negative growth for 2 consecutive quarters by definition. Of course, the US is doing much better than the rest of the world right now. I’d like to address the Middle East as a real challenge in 2016, so let’s switch gears, locations, and cultures for a moment.

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