Deputies: Dangerous suspect escapes police custody

Why Attack Paris?

The recent terrorist attacks in Paris, described by French President Hollande as an attack on the values of democracy and civility, were shocking and horrifying, yet were they inevitable or to be expected? No matter what may be thought about it, ISIS is a formidable enemy whose movement forward will not stop until a significant counter force is in place to stop it. There are various opinions regarding the motives for this attack.

Healing Post Paris

People all throughout the world have been affected by the terrorist attacks in Paris and elsewhere. This article examines some ways of dealing with those feelings.

The International Day of Tolerance

Tolerance moves in parallel direction with vengeance as the two will truly never meet. Tolerance as simple and familiar as this word is, is one word we rarely practice but say most often. Want to know how necessary it is to our every day lives and how important it is that United Nations set a day aside as The World Tolerance Day? Then read on.

Are Dictators The Only Alternative To Islamic Fundamentalists?

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, has a more realistic approach to the crisis in Syria than the Western leaders. With the power of hindsight, it can now be seen that if President Assad had been supported, instead of the opposition, there would have been no Islamic State in Syria and probably not in Iraq either. It is now up to the West to accept the leadership of Russia and try to avoid Syria going the way of Iraq and Libya, where the removal of the strong men caused the countries to descend into chaos.

Who Shall Provide Me Water? Coping With Alternative Water Supply in Israel

Water Crisis creates a need for alternative water supply in many events of emergency situations around the world. So, how could we cope with this situation? Who will take care for me, the “Average Joe”? What should I do now? And finally, could I sleep well?

Muslim Invasion of Europe + Obama’s Inviting Muslim’s Here = Biblical End Times of Daniel’s Prophecy

Historians thought Alexander the Great’s victory over the Medes and Persians fulfilled Daniel’s vision. Nevertheless, Gabriel told Daniel that his vision was “at the time of the end.” The Bible deserves another look as it shows the outcome of the coming war with Iran and militant Islam.

Muslim Jihadists And The Ku Klux Klan

A recent post on Facebook showed a picture of present-day Muslim extremist fighters in their black veiled Arab dress, and a picture of Ku Klux Klan members in their conical hats, robes and masks. It posed the question: as no-one thinks the Ku Klux Klan is representative of Christians, why do so many people think the jihadists are representative of Muslims? The juxtaposition of these two pseudo-fascist groups is interesting. While it may convey the message of the danger of associating many with the crimes of a few, it also raises questions about fundamental differences between the two groups.

Drone: Espionage or Sightseeing?

The use of Drone and the age of evolution… In the war of Syria, there have been many countries engaged in the name of liberty and redemption from the Islamic State. Some have already participated in this war with army and air forces, while others just observed the latest news.

China’s Population Reform Is Too Little, Too Late

China’s rulers set a demographic time bomb 35 years ago. Now it is exploding in their faces.

Dark Of The Night

Once upon a time by the shores of Itchygoomy in the land of the Tweeterwill another harrowing story is about to begin. But unlike the fairytales of our childhood comes a more sinister tale that makes the Brothers Grimm’s tales very tame indeed. “No not the buttons” cried the Ginger Bread Man.

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