Georgia, Alabama championship rosters full of former high school football stars

Putin’s Scary Evolution From Pragmatist To Megalomaniac

As we watch the dangerous developments slowly evolving in Crimea and now the rest of Ukraine, we have to ask ourselves whether we misjudged Vladimir Putin when he took office in 1999 as a competent, rational actor who, though deeply mired in KGB’s grim Soviet history, had a realistic view of the world and accepted Russia’s 20th century failures, and especially its fall from superpower status in 1989. Back in those days Putin chose wise advisers, including the liberal economist Alexei Kudrin and the political junkie Vladislav Surkov. But now a new Putin has emerged who has only one advisor, himself.

Current Phenomenon: Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage may have been known to the political pundits for several years but to the man in the street he seems to have sprung into prominence only in the last few months. He looks like the man in the pub, and speaks like the man in the pub, so what he says sounds like good old-fashioned common sense to those who can hear. However, Bertran Russell warned us that common sense was not so common, so are we in danger of being misled by the man in the pub with the loudest voice, or should we all be trying to listen to what is being said?

The State of Press Freedom in America

The United States dropped 44% in a single year in the World Press Freedom Index. That is not good news.

The 72-Hour Night of the Long Knives

The Nazis settled a lot of scores during the Night of the Long Knives. One of the casualties was an old friend of Hitler who had been with him from the beginning.

Terrorism Versus Parental Guidance

It has often been argued that parental guidance is what provides children with confidence, a sense of responsibility guiding them into adulthood, and the knowledge of what is right versus what is wrong. In principle I have no disagreement with this sentiment, but to enshrine parental guidance thusly would seem to concomitantly certify its opposite: that a lack of parental guidance blocks children from acquiring confidence, a sense of responsibility, and a sense of right versus wrong behavior. If I cannot accept the latter, I must also refute the former.

Cantor Benny Rogosnitzky: Where Devotion Meets Music

Born in England, Benny Rogosnitzky had his schooling in Netherlands and Johannesburg. This man, at the age of 16 had taken to Cantor singing and in no time had developed into having his own solo choir. Benny Gluck, a famous cantor at that time had spotted the young talent, and took Benny under his guidance. It was through his guidance that Benny later took to the spiritual path. He stands to be a powerful voice in Cantorial music. He also gives lectures on spirituality and music throughout the U.S.A. This biography of Cantor Benny Rogosnitzky will deal with his achievements in life, and spirituality that he has spread through the masses.

A Physician’s Alternative View of the Ebola Crisis – “An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Ton of Cure”

Modern medicine loves limelight and heroics with huge $$$ attached. So we want to bring patients from Africa to America. It’s as if we are smarter than everyone else and can be heroes. Never mind the huge risk, like the recent CDC fiasco of exposing employees to anthrax. Now it’s Ebola! Talk about yearning for the apocalypse after this government thumbs its nose at God on other issues.

TERRORISM: Religious War Between Good and Evil!

Control over people in the name of religion has been going on for centuries. The Covenant of Hamas clearly states, “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.” What will it take to live in peace?

Obama and Muslims

What the anti-American people involved in Islam do not realize is that Obama is the least anti-Islamic president that America is going to get. Most Americans hate Islam and would gladly see the Middle East go up in flames. Obama serves as a moderating force for this tendency in American politics.

Ignore Them At Your Peril

ISIS or the Islamic State is currently the most powerful and dangerous extremist organisation in the world. But who is it? How does it function? And why has it been so effective in recruiting fighters?

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