Georgia’s Republican Governor, Secretary of State fire back at president’s push for voting reform

Syria: The Current State of Affairs

Most of us are painfully aware of the fact that this is the 3rd year in which Syria is still in a bloody conflict. Images with incredible atrocities, civilians attacked by aerial bombs, abuses of all kinds, physical assaults and rape upon women and many other atrocities of the most unimaginable kind have revolted the world and lead to many written news on this subject. Most of us concluded that the situation in Syria is highly problematical.

ASEAN: Regional Organization of Southeast Asian Countries

The ASEAN is a regional organization of Southeast Asian countries. The word ASEAN stands for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. This successful organization was established on August 8, 1967 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Advantages of Press Passes

A press pass provides many benefits and opportunities not typically afforded to those outside the media. Press pass holders may get special privileges and rights, including behind the scenes access to public figures, crime scenes, and other forms of breaking news.

Egypt, Is It the United States’ Fault?

In the summer of 2013 we noted that there was a bit of anti-Americanism brewing in Egypt, but why one has to ask? Blaming Americans, our President, or our nation for what’s happening today, doesn’t really wash with reality, so what is the deal here? Let’s discuss all this and look at some facts.

Oil No Longer Drives Mideast Policy

Rising local production meant President Obama did not have to worry much about oil prices as he considered what to do about Syria. We may look back on this moment as a waypoint marking a shift in the balance of geopolitical power.

Are Governments Helping Megacities Grow?

Megacities are monsters that will eventually grow so large they will harm the future prosperity and stability of the entire world. Yet governments everywhere are helping megacities grow!

3D Tablets – It Would Be Awesome to Own One!

With the rising popularity of 3D movies, 3D movie theaters, and 3D televisions it seems only natural that 3D computer systems, 3D phones, or even 3D gaming systems would be the next step in innovation. The coolest new technological move is definitely 3D tablets; it’s really the best of all 3D has to offer.

Gold Trade Note Replaces Dollar in International Trade and Settlements

On February 7, 2013, Jim Willie, a mining executive and precious metal analyst stated the Asian economies as well as other parts of the world were implementing steps for a new trading-Note destined to replace the almighty dollar for international transactions. This new financial instrument is designated the ‘Gold Trade Note’ and it is designed to replace the U. S. dollar in transactions between countries.

No One Is Going to Like the Results of Syria’s Civil War Now

In the Summer of 2013 we were constantly barraged with news of Syria’s Civil War, which had estimated well over 100,000 in casualties. The Syrian government claimed rebels had used chemical weapons on Syria’s military locations, and the rebels claimed that the Syrian military had used chemical weapons on them and innocent civilians, meanwhile, to get to the truth, the UN and other concerned nations have launched an investigation of allegations.

A City Without a Soul

Near the bustling industrial city of Tieling in northeastern China, there is a brand new city some 6 miles down the road called Tieling New City. The place has everything going for it. Visitors will find excellent infrastructure, government offices, schools, shopping centers and apartment complexes. The only problem is that Tieling New City is virtually a ghost town with almost no inhabitants. It is a forced civilization.

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