Historic, disputed Bulldog win over Alabama remembered

Indian Immigrants in the US

America, viewed as a land of opportunity, has a large immigrant population made up of the English, African, French, Spanish, Indian, Chinese and several other cultures. Many aspiring Indians have always regarded America as a dream destination for better education, employment, and money-making opportunities.

Democracy: A Condition of the Heart

Recent happenings in the Ukraine have caused me to reflect on democracy and the successes and failures in their struggles toward democracy of Peoples around the world. Many countries now choose their governments in a democratic-style election.

America’s Unique Respect For Truth

“American exceptionalism” is not just bombast. It manifests in a unique reverence for truth and the freedom needed to find it.

Back To The Cold War

Whether we admit it or not, a new Cold War has started. Or maybe the old one never really finished.

A Brief Outline Of Two Popular Awards In Austrailia

This article offers a brief overview on the Australian Institute of Architects Awards and the ACUMA Awards- two popular awards offered in Australia. The Australian Institute of Architects Awards is offered to the best architects of Australia where the ACUMA Awards offers facilities and services to the university students of Australia.

Q and A With Amaka Imani Nkosazana

I crossed path with a woman of substance who is on fire to make the world a better place. She is an inspiration diva, a doyenne and to crown it all, she gave me the privilege to interview her. Here is the interview I had with Amaka Imani Nkosazana.

Reshaping a Nation’s Face

The world’s national obsession and relentless pursuit of plastic surgery has turned many heads and invited lots of chatter and speculation. Various debates have arisen over this phenomenon of a first-world problem.

American Leadership and the World Cup

In just over a month, the world’s eyes will focus on the quadrennial spectacle so awe-inspiring that even Americans who don’t know the difference between a handball and a throw-in will take in several matches between countries they might not be able to find on a map. The beautiful game will enjoy its finest hour as it brings together nearly every country more peacefully than the UN ever could. Left out of that spectacle, though, will be any thought for Ukrainians, whose country is being torn apart by a dictator hell-bent on reviving the Evil Empire.

Is It a Hate Crime to Speak Against Bad Government or Phony Religion? What If Both Are in Collusion?

Good government is self government. Bad government is being told what to do, or being forced when it’s not right. It’s worse when religion is involved.

National Security Interests – US Embassies In the Cross Fire

Our embassies in other nations must be protected, and they are our property, just as other nations with embassies in our country are owned by those nations – that’s how it works, well mostly. If tensions between nations get too hot, or political impasse occurs usually nation’s ask the opposing political force to remove their people and eject them from the country, it’s the ultimate sign that things are not so peachy.

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