I-Team: Stonecrest mayor Jason Lary quits day before he answers federal fraud charges

The Role of Globalized Education in Achieving the Post-2015 Development Agenda

As the world stands at an historical juncture, it calls for a universal education system that integrates the three dimensions of sustainability (economic, social and environmental) in all activities, addresses inequalities in all areas, respect and advance human rights, fosters love and peace, and that is based on credible, equitable and sustainable system and safe environment for learning. A good global education is the step – the first step in ensuring that these development goals are achieved.

Africa And The Middle East: People Destined For Greatness

Hundreds of thousands of migrants from Africa and the Middle East have shown great determination and resilience in the face of extreme hardships as they continue to migrate to the lands of those who once imposed themselves as their masters. These people (migrants) have become the new colonizing masters (but this time) of the West.

Back To The Future For The EU

Europe’s drive for “ever closer union” is not working out very well. How long before Europeans decide to revert to representative democracy and national sovereignty instead?

Political Factors to Consider When Doing International Business

Discussing the future safety of the Saudi Kingdom we should look at the political, social and geographical circumstances which constitute this one of the top oil producers in the world. Investing in Saudi Arabia we should also be aware of the situation on the political scene. To understand that better this article underlines the future safety of the Saudi Kingdom.

The Last Faberge: The Voynich Manuscript

Was it luck or chance that Tom Hardy never made it to the airport in time to join the Swartz’s expedition, we will probably never know. But, for Tom a second chance of solving one of history’s greatest mysteries and one of today’s most hideous crimes is all it took to get him back to the airport in time. It has been two weeks since Tom first got word of the Professors murder and now Tom was starting to pick up the pieces of just why Professor Swartz and the rest of his expedition was murdered in the foothills of…

No Right To Bear Arms

In the wake of terrorist attacks in France and the threat of similar atrocities in the UK, a call appeared on Facebook for civilians to be allowed to buy guns with which to fight back against their possible assailants. This prompted a comment to the effect that if civilians were allowed to bear arms in the UK, they wouldn’t need terrorists, they would slaughter one another as they do in the USA. The author of this comment was called a fool and also informed that Jesus wept when he was born. Name-calling usually reveals an absence of rational argument, and it is hard to imagine any tears being shed over the denial of the right to own a gun.

Muslim Terrorists Attack Paris: How Will It, and Should It Affect Our Immigration Policies? Part II

In Part I, I reported on the Paris attack, ISIS, Syrian refugees and the problem they pose to the United States and Europe-the who, what, when, where, and some of the how. In Part II, I now will attempt to further illustrate the problems of unfettered immigration both in Europe and here at home.

Muslim Terrorists Attack Paris: How Will It, and Should It Affect Our Immigration Policies?

On Friday evening, November 13, 2015, Paris was stunned by Muslim terrorists presumed to be ISIS affiliated. In a coordinated, simultaneous effort, eight lone gunman killed at least one hundred twenty-nine and injured more than three hundred others, nearly one hundred critically. All assailants were killed, seven blowing themselves up with bombs strapped to their bodies.

When History Repeats

When history recalls the first two decades of the 21st century, providing that there is history to recall, the descriptive narrative would probably sound like a broken record. The miscues, the what if’s, and the should haves are all in retrospect of a period in which hindsight was the only factor that prevailed. The events during the first part of the 21st century proved once again history so often repeats.

Must Islam Change Or Be Trumped?

Donald Trump’s call for Muslim immigration to the USA to be subject to a temporary ban may be too much for most people to stomach, but it does draw attention to the changing nature of immigration to all western countries. In the decades following the end of World War Two, Britain received wave after wave of immigrants, firstly from the Caribbean islands and then from newly independent African and Asian countries. Although there was some racial prejudice based on colour, these immigrants succeeded in integrating well into British society, treating religion as a personal matter and adapting to the culture and democracy of their new country. More recent Muslim immigrants, however, hold the profound belief that their religion and the political system it prescribes is superior, and will eventually dominate. This must be a barrier to cultural assimilation in countries with democratic constitutions which separate religion from politics.

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