McDonough: Obama ‘historically free of scandal’

Join Noble Centered Leaders Working for Compassion Peace and the Good of All Humanity

We’re facing an international crisis of epic proportions. Conflict, racism, hate, war and disaster are displacing more people whether refugee or citizen than at any time in human history. The FISH Foundation Global Nation believes that this is an issue that demands action NOW (No Opportunity Wasted).

The Indian National Anthem Was Really a Paen to King George

The National Anthem of written by ” Guruji” Ravindranath Tagore was, in reality, a Paen to the King of England. Later Tagore changed his tune after 25 years and claimed it was for n The Indian National Anthem ” Jana Gana Mana” is sung everyday. I am afraid very few know that this anthem has a history and its not very nice.

Democracy Built Over 1000 Years. A Rogue Parliament, Corruption, Foreign Influence Destroyed This

The loss that we have seen is quite profound. It’s not Brexit although this has to be delivered, it was democracy, democracy is a staple of British political diet. That to have cavalierly dis-guarded this fundamental basis of our heritage, have done irreparable damage to Great Britain’s worldwide standing. I don’t mean countries are in shock, I mean countries are wondering why they are constantly lectured to about democracy, why Cuba, Zimbabwe, etc are belittled the way they are for ignoring their people. The UK has done just that! Compounded by what appears electoral fraud in Peterborough. Have we indeed opened the door to despots to oppress their public from all corners of the world.

In Praise of Age and Biden

Youth is impatient, raring to go and make a mark on the world. Experience makes for proven character. Current US Prez Trump has shown his character to be corrupt. Prez candidate Joe Biden has shown himself to be morally solid. The difference is that Trump lies and aides call it spin. Biden tells the truth complete with the human quality of error.

Cyberocracy: Information As Power

Cyberocracy: Information As Power – Cyberocracy Rulership Is Coming? Ruling with Information! According to futurology – the way that we are headed IS Cyberocracy. The effective use of information to essentially rule as ‘Alternative Responsible Government’.

Hate and The World in Turmoil – What Should We Expect to Happen?

There is little doubt now that the world is in chaos. The economy is not the only thing that is collapsing as humanity itself is taking a huge toll. Hatred is rising as governments feed it.

Man Has Spent The Planet On Which We Depend For Life

Not many want to hear about the horror of money as they depend on it for their lifestyle and to survive in a world run by economic enterprise and wealth creation. That’s why this message is hard to take compared to that of the religious institutions that state that money is good. This contrast is results from the Spirit of the Universe versus man’s ideas and inventions.

Conservative, Right-Wing Governments Are Killing the World While Silencing the Majority

History has many lessons to teach us but who wants to know? When visions of WWII and the holocaust are shown my thoughts turn to how placidly people boarded the trains to their death. To be that willing to obey a handful of soldiers with guns many thousands preferred to live that extra bit longer than to die for their cause.

Who Stands Out As Best Candidate for President of the USA?

In the wake of the disastrous and extremely damaging Trump Administration and performance the next president needs to be someone special. He or she has to be young, vibrant, well-educated, capable, and fit. That rules out all of those 70 years and older.

Blow That Whistle!

Donald Trump was declared unfui for office before his election. He has run roughshod over the Constitution for over two years. Whistleblowers are finally coming forward despite the personal, professional. career and social obstacles they battle before their message breaks through. In particular now, they weather threats from the most powerful position in the world. Only an avalanche of brave warriors protected by the most upright legal counsel can stop the erosion of public trust..