South Fulton City Council says mayor overstepped

We Can’t Save Planet Earth

The earth will be saved but not by man. The behavior of people who act against nature and the environment will cost them dearly while the Spiritual people of God will inherit the restored planet.

God Is Free But the Truth Is Buried

The truth is all powerful and it is free for those who seek it. The Spirit of healing comes with the truth and those who are of God have power to perform miracles.

International Aid and Challenges – Davos Economic Summit and the UN Can’t Do It All

International Business Trade and International Aid can make fast in-roads to animosity between nations – in fact, it often leads to longer periods of peace and positive relations between nations and more importantly their populations as well. What can we do as Americans to strengthen this process? After all, the UN, and do-gooders at Davos can’t do it all, and out State Department doesn’t have unlimited resources, nor should we be trying to take care of the world, protect the world or save the world all at the same time. It’s best to help them lift themselves up to help themselves.

The US, Our Corporations, Philanthropists and International Behavior

Why is it that wherever you go around the world, US citizens are treated well? Well, most everywhere, and despite what you might have heard our nation is very respected world-wide. Why? Because, people in other nations want to be more like us, and have the freedoms and liberties we have here, who can blame them considering on what they often have to deal with. Even in those free countries, we have a better quality of life, lower taxes and we sure eat well – look at our Body-Fat Index!

Vladimir’s Most Excellent Year

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin had a banner year in 2013. In contrast to President Obama, Russia’s leader greets 2014 with enthusiasm, not relief.

Roman Origins in Pre-History

The name Romans usually conjures up a vast civilization of romance and strong leadership but the origin speaks volumes about their real character. Able to trace them back in time the city of Babylon is their first real home and then they spread out taking their Islamic religion with them.

South Sudan’s Unraveling Crisis Moves Grimly Toward Civil War

Here is what we know from the last 48 hours, based mainly on reports from Voice of America in Nairobi and a few German reporters who have been changing planes in Dakar going to or from the crisis. A group of armed tribesmen who call themselves the “White Army” have begun concentrating their forces in the area of Bor, which is the regional capital of Jonglei in South Sudan. Bor is almost smack-dab right in the geographic center of South Sudan, a town of great historical and emotional significance to the mostly Christian South Sudanese, because it was in Bor, in 1905, that the first Christian mission was established by the Church Missionary Society. Leaders of the “White Army” have told government officials in Juba, the nation’s capital, they have the avowed intention of taking control of Bor in the name of South Sudan’s former vice president, the ousted Riek Machar.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, An Extraordinaire African Woman Worth Celebrating!

There are women who have done so much for humanity that their strength and illumination enlighten nations around them. Such women don’t allow inconspicuousness that has always made most women unable to live out their dreams dampen their excitement in making their world a better place. These particular breed of women go all out to lighten the lives of other women, children and even the men as well. These women have truly become lights in their aion. Standing out amongst this lot is Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Nches Iredu, A Woman of Extraordinary Faith!

Rev. (Mrs.) Nches V.N. Iredu is a Nigerian who grew up in a typical loving and stable home. She gave her life to Jesus at a very tender age, before then, she lived a very decent life. Rev. Mrs Nches Iredu is the President of Sisters Fellowship International (SFI) which has a commission and mandate from God to impact the whole Nation with the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ for a purposeful and fulfilled life on earth and with great vision to see that the whole earth is filled with the glory of God as the waters cover the sea. This amiable woman is an instrument in God’s hand. She encountered humiliation that turned out to be a stepping-stone to her ministry.

Philippines In 2014: A Forecast For The Future

The top Philippine forecast for 2014 is a significant Economic growth of 6.5-percent. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) representative Shanaka Jayanath Peiris, the Philippine’s strong private and public consumption will yield a positive outlook this year overtaking five other southeast Asian Countries namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. “This year, momentum is growing fast. That is coming from fiscal spending, and the second quarter looks likely to be quite strong,” Peiris said. “Consumption remains robust.” The Philippines annual growth unexpectedly surpassed China in the first quarter last year.

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