I-Team: Dogs seized in animal abuse investigation still in cages two years later

Hidden Beauty – The History Of Haiti

I was a college teacher in Haiti for 23 years, and currently am doing humanitarian activities helping children at my orphanage at my personal home in Haiti, the Future Of Haiti Orphanage. This is an uncommon version of the history of Haiti. Not your normal textbook version. The true story of Haiti from a humanitarian point of view.

Miss Tiffany, a Good Son

Although still old fashioned in many ways, Thai society has long accepted – even embraced – its lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgendered (LBGT) communities. And unlike many Western or allegedly more modern nations, Thais rarely discriminate or ridicule. People who have chosen alternative lifestyles are acknowledged, some might say cherished, by their country.

Asia in the New Decade: Dealing With International Uncertainty

Over the past decade, the Asian continent has been at the center of media and international attention. A huge percentage of deployed British, French and US armed forces are now based in Asia. Across the middle east, we’ve seen an almost domino-like effect with the uprisings and revolutions; some regimes that have been dominating for decades were toppled in the space of a single year.

When Kissing Cousins Aren’t So Cute

Appropriately calling it “the elephant in the room”, Woolas was careful to point out it was the “Pakistani community” – who just happen to be largely Muslim. Despite choosing his words carefully, Woolas, who served previously as Race Relations minister, has sparked a controversy amongst British Muslims.

Penny Wise, Euro Foolish

The eurozone undermined its own banking system in order to squeeze a few pennies out of bank depositors in Cyprus. Europe will pay a price.

Up the Flagpole: Things to Note About International Flags

Each country has a unique symbol that is recognizable around the world as completely theirs, and as belonging to that country and representing it around the world. This symbol, flown at international sports events, world political meetings, international summits, and anywhere people come together from numerous countries, carries a special meaning to those who fly it, either on a flagpole or displayed in a smaller manner.

The United Nations Is Trying To Take Control Of The Internet

The moment the U.N. is granted control of the Internet, it will be a giant step toward making the U.N. an actual global government. The U.N. would like to monitor the Internet’s architecture, traffic flow and security. They snuck a vote by that would allow for a global internet governing body by January of 2015.

Emperor Constantine Invented Jesus Christ

Constantine Acquired Sole Rule – He was ambitious, greedy, violent and he reigned as a god over the Roman Empire. His establishment of the Roman Catholic Church was for more control and power over the vast territories that stretched over thousands of miles from east to west and incorporated many nations. It comprised thousands of different languages and even more dialects.

International Flags – Useful Info

Different kinds of international flags serve as unique symbols of various nations across the globe. They are often hoisted at the embassies of various countries in every continent. In most cases, they symbolize a lot wherever they are displayed. Most nations cherish their flags irrespective of the design pattern and shape.

Curious Case Of The Shanghai Exchange

Imagine two countries. In one, the economy grows slowly and its stock market moves at a similar pace. The other country’s economy grows by leaps and bounds, but its stock market just seems to get worse and worse. I have just described the current state of affairs in the U.S. and mainland China.