Human remains in Holly Springs too decomposed to ID

God Has a Fail-Safe Plan for Humanity: To Enter the Messianic Age, He Requires Three Actions From Us

This article was coauthored by my wife and soul mate Marcia from the spirit world. Whether we choose to believe or not believe in God, He will always ensure that society is never totally destroyed because He is offering us a chance at eternal life in the Messianic Age. We can be part of this future second Garden of Eden if we follow God’s three requirements during our life on planet Earth. These are: “For the Jews and others if they wish, follow the First and Second Commandments to recognize God as our One God and not worship idols; for all people, contribute funds and help build His future Third Temple so that He might again dwell among us and share His Covenant with us; and above all have truth, honesty, tolerance, and fairness in our heart and live a spiritual life.”

Why Donating to Charity Is Important

There are thousands of charitable organizations, however prior to donating, it is imperative to consider that aspect of the organization which has personally impacted the donor. At present, there are nine types of non-profit organizations like Charitable Organization, Social Welfare Organizations, Labor and/or Agricultural organizations, Business Leagues, Social Clubs, Fraternal Societies, Employees’ Association, Veterans’ Organizations and Political Organizations. These charitable institutions try to make a difference by dedicatedly assisting the underprivileged and the thrust generally is on orphans and education. In this context, all of us should at least attempt to donate something, either cash or in kind, on a consistent basis to make some one’s life better.

What Was the Real Cause of the 2012 Summer Earthquakes in Iran?

It is amazing the number of rumors flying around in Iran right now after the 2012 Summer Earthquakes. Some people are claiming that there was an underground nuclear test. Others are claiming that the Americans used their secret earthquake weapon on Iran, and still others bathed in Islamic fundamentalism believe they are being punished by their God. Okay so, do any of these conspiracy theories or concepts hold water?

World Peace

I have entitled this article on WORLD PEACE for a very good reason, and that reason is this, We All Want World PEACE. This is a must read article because I believe we all can get some direction, some peace of mind, and hope for world Peace if we work together. I was going to give this article the title We Are One because despite our differences We Are One.

When Governments Start Selling Air – Well, That’s When You Ought To Be Concerned

Do you remember when Enron fell, the company had a huge trading floor selling unconventional commodities, you name it they were selling, buying, and busy trading it, and no it wasn’t just energy units, or excess bandwidth. In fact, they’d probably have had a field day with this latest scheme to sell carbon credits, creating a whole new market basically selling air, or CO2, dirty air that is, well to human, of course the trees and plants need it to survive. But, don’t worry your little self with that, it’s a $10-50 Billion a year industry, and it will put the Chicago commodity traders of today to shame, you thought there was money in oil trading, sure there is but trading air, that’s a gas.

Divine Right: Born To Rule

What is the ultimate origin of the concept of ‘born to rule’ or of ‘divine right’? Why should someone who just happened to be the product of a particular sperm cell and a particular egg cell require worship as if they were a god? Does it have anything to do with real supernatural deities anointing those with the ‘right stuff’ genetics, those who they see fit to rule, or perhaps there’s a more intimate connection. Perhaps in fact it’s all nonsense.

Egypt and Chinese Investment In The Region – So What Else Is New

Imagine if our country had an Arab Spring type event? What if our society abruptly thrown into total chaos? How long do you think it would be to bring everything back into perspective, and get everything operating normally again? It might take quite a while. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Egypt is trying to take it slow, and there is still a lot of mistrust between the citizens and the government. Whereas, it is true that time heals all wounds, the citizens of Egypt may not have the patience needed during the duration of the economic recovery, a recovery which is necessary to prevent future violence and upheaval.

Egypt’s New Islamic Republic Motif

During the Arab Spring when all the protesters came out in mass against the Egyptian government, people in the United States cheered. It was their contention that our social networks, along with the Twitter platform allowed people to communicate, organize, and stage incredible protests with hundreds of thousands of people. We saw this as “power to the people,” and democracy in action, or was it just a mass mob of hysteria with pent-up tension? Okay so let’s talk.

Will the Human Race Become Extinct?

Will the human race become extinct? What a joke, impossible. Our numbers runs into billions and the birth rates are not going to stop. I agreed with you all, but have you consider the family tree. In some countries it is diminishing and we are not talking about nuclear, earthquakes, tsunamis, war etc. Some families trees are becoming extinction due to choices made by the individuals…

On Your Marks, Get Set, Africa!

Africa, with all its angst and chaotic history and struggle with social upheaval is showing a resilience and sense of survival at which we can marvel. South African Businesses are waking up and scrabbling in an attempt to expand into Africa as it continues to grow.