Travon Walker’s journey to the College Football Playoff National Championship

Enough Jacking Around In Iraq – It’s Time to Make the Kurds Whole

Well, the topic of giving the Kurds their own country in Northern Iraq has been bantered around for quite a while. I’d say it’s time to make an executive decision and get this done ASAP. Now is the perfect time. If the Kurds had their own country along with oil contracts from multinational conglomerates, they could finally build their own civilization. Huge numbers of Kurds in Turkey would migrate to the new country, alleviating Turkey of a non-melting segment of their population, perhaps relieving tensions and instability.

Phoenix Rising

As the world spins closer to an apocalyptic event where the rule of law is anarchy one can not help wondering would life on the other side be that much different in the outcome? Questions need to be asked if mankind has any hope of staving off a reality too horrific to even contemplate. Cultures have clashed through-out the ages for it has always been for the pursuit of power, control and wealth that has dominated man’s conscious thoughts and actions since the beginning of time.

The CSTO: Russia’s Answer to NATO?

This article explains the creation process of the CSTO. Furthermore, it explains who is in the CSTO, its objectives, and long-term goals.

Call To Duty

For thousands of years there has always been bloody conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Lessons learned from history should have been a clue to what the United States should have done previous to the first Gulf War. And, yet after three wars, thousands of American lives lost with ten’s of thousands of Americas wounded, and trillions of American dollars wasted latter, those regions are more unsettled than ever.

Greed Kills

The U.S. threatens to fine a French bank $10 billion. France plans to sell two warships to Russia. There is no connection.

Is World War III Starting Now?

War is inevitable if the things happening in the world today are any guide. Once again there is conflict and build up of pressure from many areas that are ready to explode into major catastrophic battles that will have no winners.

Current Comments: Is the BBC Still Number One?

As a boy growing up in England during the Second World War I was easily persuaded that the World Service of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) was trusted throughout the world as an unrivalled source of accurate information. In the immediate decades that followed, the BBC further enhanced its reputation by speaking the truth to millions held in bondage behind the Iron Curtain. In this era the BBC became a beacon of light to all who suffered political oppression. However, since the collapse of Communism in Easter Europe, Auntie seems to have lost her way. Having lost her captive audience, she has forsaken preaching hope in a desperate bid to compete in providing non-stop entertainment.

Dangerous Precedents

The Bergdahl deal has put millions of Americans at risk. It has also undermined the role of the Congress.

The Misunderstood Emirati

The Emiratis are a people filled with heritage, culture, tradition, language, religion yet heavily misunderstood by those who live in the UAE. This article talks about the common misconceptions about the natives of the UAE.

The King Who Preserved The Common Man’s Democracy

It’s not easy being king. Spain’s King Juan Carlos is a monarch from an earlier time who had enough sense to make way for a new generation.

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