WINTER STORM ALERT DAY: Tracking wintry precipitation in north Georgia, metro Atlanta

WINTER STORM ALERT DAY: Tracking wintry precipitation in north Georgia, metro Atlanta

The Demotic Script of Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egyptians spoke to us through their hieroglyphs but these complex pictograms were actually the writing of the elite class that related their lives and the achievements of the pharaohs by depicting them on their tomb walls and the monuments of the Nile Valley. From the very beginning Egyptians of the street began to speak a different language and adopt a different kind of writing far more simple than the hieroglyphs. For nearly a thousand years from about 500 BCE to 500 CE, this demotic or popular language, a name given by Herodotus, became the preferred script at court.

New Testament Authors

Religions have a lot to answer for when it comes to things like terrorism, discrimination, rape and murder. How genuine then are the books on which they claim their credibility? For some claiming to promote the way to heaven while promising many they will burn forever in hell they are themselves under scrutiny for concealing crimes and possibly for involvement in them.

According to the Koran, It Is the Right of the Jews to Live in the Holy Land

According to Quran, Jews have the right to live in the Holy Land. Muslims that follow Quran respect and love their Christian and Jewish brothers.

Catholic Church Pedophilia by Priests

Pedophilia is rife in every country and priests are getting away with murder when children are so abused that suicide is the only option for many of them. Dealing with this crime in this organisation is becoming such a headache that it might just be the reason why Pope Benedict decided to resign as pope.

Bible Lies and Collusion

With a bible full of lies inserted by men and altered to suit political figures for power and control it was extensive research that pointed the way to how this came about and why? The answers are shocking and the extent of deceit by religious leaders is appalling. The question is why are they still getting away with it?.

Damage After the Russian Meteor Strike

Thousands of workers have been dispatched to help in Russia’s Chelyabinsk region, where a meteor travelling at around 33,000 mph rained down over the Ural Mountains, injuring over 1,500 people and with 46 still in the hospital. The event brought Friday morning traffic in Chelyabinsk to a halt as drivers stopped to watch the falling meteor light up the sky.

If We Run Out of Oil How Will We Power Our Large Cargo Ships for International Trade?

Well, let me tell you the calamity the world would face if we ran out of oil, it wouldn’t be all that pretty. I am sure we all know that, and “peak oil” theory aside, the prospects are not fun to think about especially considering this future potential eventuality. After all, first world nations, and the US included run on oil, let’s not kid ourselves. So what if we did run out, this is a question I was recently asked, and such “What Ifs” are not very pleasant to think about, but let’s talk about it anyway if we might.

Food Safety – Are Uniform Global Standards Possible

The Horse Meat Issue has given rise to questions on Food Safety Standards both on a Global and National Level. A Global Strategy assuring Food Safety is required. However, the application of a Uniform Food Safety Standard has many stumbling blocks.

Dubai Is The Coolest, Hottest and Best Place to Ride the Economic Rollercoaster of Humanity

Quite frankly, I think every American inherently knows that in the United States we have a spending problem. Of course, we aren’t alone, if you look at Dubai, you can see they have one too, and each project is more elaborate than the next, each one trying to outdo the incredible architecture, engineering marvel, or nuance of the last. There is of course a difference between Dubai and the United States. In Dubai they actually have a solid income from the sale of oil, whereas in the United States we are running trade deficits, and we are spending money we don’t have.

Let’s Discuss The Legacy of Hugo Chavez – No Let’s Not

Well, I don’t know about you, but I am quite bothered by how the media is playing the death of Hugo Chavez. I can understand if the media which is controlled by the government in Venezuela is making him out to be literally a Simon Bolivar reincarnated, and someone who will go down in the history of Latin America as one of the greatest leaders ever to have walked the planet. However, we in America know the truth, or we should, and I find it rather unnerving that are left-leaning media will promote Hugo Chavez’s name and protect his legacy into the annals of history.