CDC enhances guidance for more protective masks

CDC enhances guidance for more protective masks

A New Target For North Korean Extortion

China’s growing wealth gives North Korea a new piggy bank to rattle. Seoul and Washington are no longer the only targets.

The Fields Are White – Ready to Harvest

Many want to be saved and are expecting they will make it to heaven. My reincarnation memory, however, shows they have been lied to and will be greatly disappointed. There is no heaven or hell and the lies of the Catholic Church were part of the conspiracy of emperor Constantine, the man identified as 666.

A Note About Belief

In a previous article, I outlined what is the scientific method and what is the specific nomenclature associated with that discipline. Here I would like to draw the reader’s attention to what is its antithesis.

Does the US Have the Moral Obligation to Prevent Socialist Countries From Ruining Their Economy?

Why are so many nations in a state of disrepair and challenged with being overrun by the society? Why is it that some leaders try to rule with an iron fist or through a socialist motif only to find that all of the citizens they’ve been busy giving to are busy trying to overthrow them? Well, some say it’s because; familiarity breeds contempt. Yes, this is totally true, but it’s only part of the problem really. What happens is leaders promise the people things that they can’t give them, and then they try, but when they have exhausted all their resources the citizens demand what they were promised and more.

New World Order No Way To Thrive

A worldwide conspiracy to dominate and control the world by creating a One World Order – a fascist government, stripped of nationalistic and regional boundaries, that is obedient to their agenda. Most people react with disbelief and skepticism towards this topic, unaware that they are being conditioned (brainwashed) to react with skepticism by institutional and media influences that in themselves have been created by the NWO to start with.

Reincarnation Facts – A True Story

Reincarnation is not well received and those who admit to it are often ridiculed and torn apart as has happened to me recently in a forum. It is not easy for people to realize that they are under the influence of a great fraud and that the things taught to them as truth are in fact myths from the past.

International Flags And Their Different Purposes

A flag is a symbol of the nation, its pride and delight. It is one of the important attributes that distinguishes one country from another, as all nations have their unique flags. International flags tell much of country’s history, culture and identity.

Choosing From Different American Flags

A national flag is an emblem, closely connected with the nation’s traditions, culture, past and even the future. It is not a matter of fabric, but something much more than this. For examples, American flag reveals the country’s principles and its interesting history and origin.

North Korea: Their Unsettling Roar

North Korea’s recent bellicose rhetoric aimed squarely at the United States has scaled new heights of brinksmanship. Kim Jong Un has seemed almost demented – delusional in his accusations, crazed in his threats. So ferocious has been his performance that the US State Department and the military have deliberately toned down their rhetoric to avoid an escalating war of words that might drive him over the edge. It’s like a tightrope walk. Careful! Don’t lean to far towards appeasement. Nor to far towards aggression.

Myth Vs Reality in Diplomatic Immunity and the Foreign Service

A brief overview of the reality of diplomatic immunity and how it is used in international affairs. The role of a U.S. Foreign Service Officer is vital overseas, and diplomatic immunity is just one of many tools available for successful diplomacy.