Family’s cat survives more than 2 hours inside burning apartment

Family's cat survives more than 2 hours inside burning apartment

Spirituality and Reincarnation Are Facts

Spiritual people are generally silenced by religious noise aimed against them. Those with memory of reincarnation are doubted for this reason and also because it is something that is rarely spoken of, thanks to the bully tactics of fundamentalists.

Mother of God or Mother God

There is no way that the Creator of everything could have a mother. This is a simplistic idea born of the Emperor Constantine who established the Roman Catholic Church and who had to keep the Mother God in it. He simply changed her to Mother of God which could never be right.

State Run Capitalism – Is It Causing Chaos in International Markets?

Many applaud China’s move towards capitalism and away from communism, but in reality that is not a fair assessment of what is happening. China is still run by the communist party and although they’ve allowed some freedom to their merchant class, they still keep a tight lid on the power base using many trick of the communist trade – censorship, heavy-handed punishment, and absolute centralized control exercised as needed. If you are in with the right group, you had an e-ticket to prosperity, but if and when the tides change, things can seem rather arbitrary – you never know where you stand.

New Testament Is Recycled Islam

The ancient Islamic religion of Babylon went into Assyria and Egypt and was taken to Italy by the Amor’s. They built the city of Roma and the reverse of that name is Amor. One of their descendants was Constantine and he is named in the bible as 666. He established Christianity through the Council of Nicaea.

Japan Gets A Shot In The Arm, But Is It Enough?

Japan’s economy is set to get a much needed booster shot. But it will take more medicine to cure it.

Nanocapacitors: Spray on Antenna, Boosts Mobile Signal

After stumbling across this product I wanted to present my views as I am one for new and emerging technologies, for me this new technology has to be one that really makes you weary about the direction we ‘as a human race’ are moving. What are Nanocapacitors?

Safety When Traveling To Mexico: Reality Versus Fiction

When you visit travel forums or ask people about their travel plans it seems that a lot of them will tell you to stay away from Mexico. Though it is understandable that people can be a little concerned about traveling to Mexico because of all the news and warnings that they hear, it is still important to distinguish between fact and fiction. In order to do that you will need to dig in a bit deeper than the warnings and articles regarding violence usually do.

Explore the Exotic and Incredible Tourist Attractions in Elizabeth, New Jersey

Elizabeth is one the largest metropolitan cities in New Jersey which is situated in Union County. It was nominated as one of the United States’ 50 greenest cities by the Popular Science Magazine. The city is sub-divided into several beautiful districts bestowed with the bounties of the Mother Nature. The 11.69 square-mile metropolitan city of Elizabeth, New Jersey is less than 15 miles from Manhattan. It is often paired with Newark, its northern neighbor, because of its proximity to New Jersey Turnpike and Newark Liberty International Airport.

Basic Types of Flags and Their Usage

Flags are well designed pieces of fabric materials normally used as symbols. They are usually rectangular in form. They can represent an institution, a country, or an organization. They are also used for decorative purposes. They can be used on military grounds, battlefields, maritime and aviation environments.

Learn About the Vivacious and Culturally Rich Elizabeth, NJ History

Elizabeth, New Jersey enjoys a proud history that dates back to the foundation of the United States. The city of Elizabeth is the fourth largest city in New Jersey. Being the Union County Seat, Elizabeth has courts that serve the county and contains major governmental offices. Elizabeth, NJ history is vivacious, culturally rich and an emblem of prosperity that is evident from the developmental efforts made.