McDonough mum on ‘pre-emptive pardon’ for HRC

Why Trump Is Not to Blame for The Woes and Violence in The USA and Elsewhere

Many are quick to point the finger at Trump for what is happening in the USA. The rise of White Supremacy, the hard-line against migrants, the decline of power, the anger and discontent about his appointments, and so on. He is also changing many things that will take decades to undo if and when he is deposed.

Flying Scared Onboard Local Airline in Nigeria

The seed that grew my fears was planted before I got on the plane. It was last Christmas, and my destination was to Owerri, in Eastern Nigeria. Over the ticket counter, I paid an extra fee for excess luggage and checked in my bags.

Why Should The Catholic Church Survive?

It not only harbours thousands of paedophile priests but its primary goal is power and control and it is the richest organisation on earth because of its lies. It has nothing to do with God! I know this because of my memory of reincarnation and while between lives was with the Spirit and in the spirit.

Is Tiger Woods Back?

That’s what all the headlines on stories about his victory a couple of weeks ago were claiming. We live in a society that overvalues the present moment and cannot wait to jump to conclusions. How quickly we forget that many of the people writing these stories were the same ones who claimed back in 2009 that Tiger’s career was over.

How Many Catholic Pedophile Priests Are Serving Jail Time?

The facts are the RCC was founded by pedophile bishops who appear in a painting of the Council of Nicaea with each and every one accompanied by his ‘boy’ sexual partner. This is the same Council where Constantine established the religion based on a huge lie. The bible condemns religion in general and the Catholic Church in particular.

How Do We Stop Terrorism?

Here we will discuss the pros and cons of the emerging “counter-terrorism” efforts developed by 1st world nations. Is this practice one that is honorable or veiled in deceit?

The Rise Of Tyranny

Today, there is a sense of urgency that prevails in the consciousness of many. The world is moving much faster now. The tempo of life is racing so fast there is no time for rationale thinking only reacting spontaneously to the many crisis we face.

Could Khalistan – A Sikh State Have Been a Reality

Khalistan is a bird that was flown away. It was an ill-defined concept that could not have borne but there was a time before 1946 when Khalistan or the state of Punjab could have become an independent entity. Punjab was the biggest province in North India but I think people must know that neither the Congress Party not the Muslim League ruled Punjab.

Anxiety Over Brexit – Deeper Issues

British people have been expressing unease about the state of their country. One possible reason may be that nothing much else is happening in politics because of anxiety over Brexit. The prospect of economic recession is reducing confidence among many about their future prospects.

Manufactured Wars

Today, the Trump Administration have put the United States on the wrong side of history yet again. What we are witnessed to today is a repeat of how wrong Government has been ever since World War II. We have failed to heed the warnings from General Douglas Mac Arthur.