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A Nation’s Shame

I have lived in South Africa with my wife since 2003 and we have enjoyed our time here immensely. It is time that I feel gives me the right to comment on what is happening now.

Hope Springs Eternal

It is incredible to think that in a country which is many, many centuries old, which claims to have civilised the world, which employs for its administration, management and government, some of the most expensively educated people on the planet. A country with top tier scientists, world class military, think tanks and envied universities who’s inventors gave the planet the internet, the English language and more..

Trump’s Tariffs: A Move in the Right Direction

When Donald Trump won the US presidential election the whole world was dismayed. Few people outside of the USA expected anything good to come of it and for a year and a half one disaster followed another. Millions of US citizens were deprived of affordable healthcare, nothing was done to lessen the widespread slaughter caused by lax gun control, a ban was imposed on immigrants from selected Moslem countries, the USA was withdrawn from the Paris Agreement on climate change to give free-rein to the polluting oil and coal industries, and America’s NATO allies were subjected to severe criticism while President Putin of Russia was treated as a friend. These were all actions that many people both expected and feared. But now, in introducing tariffs on imported goods Mr Trump has taken a small step towards a better world.

South Africa Today

It is difficult to continually be pilloried and demonised whilst under the threat of land expropriation without compensation whilst paying a disproportionate percentage of personal tax in relation to the masses that don’t. The equation is not dissimilar to that of 80% of the wealth is held by 20% of the population, except in this case only 20% pay tax, and in this case the burden is borne by those who have historically made this country’s wealth not plundered it.

Evacuate Manus and Nauru Rally (Sydney Town Hall, July 21)

A couple of weeks ago our church was privileged to have a visit from Lebanese Sufi master, Sheikh Nour Kabbani, and, together with him, members of our community signed the “Charter of Compassion”- a document developed by Karen Armstrong some ten years ago that urges communities and governments to reaffirm the central importance of compassion in our common life. Tragically, on almost the same day, Australia’s Home Affairs minister, Peter Dutton, (in The Weekend Australian) urged out nation to beware of the ‘danger of compassion’ when it comes to our treatment of asylum-seekers and refugees – suggesting that…

Kennan and Containment

George F. Kennan, a Foreign Service Officer, formulated the policy of containment, the fundamental United States strategy for driving away the cold war (1947-1989) with the Soviet Union. Kennan’s suggestions, which became the foundation of the Truman administration’s international policy, initially came to public interest in 1947 in the type of an anonymous contribution to the journal Foreign Affairs, the so called X Article. The primary component of any United States policy toward the Soviet Union, Kennan wrote, should be that of a long term, patient though firm as well as vigilant containment of Russian expansive tendencies.

Historical Facts on the Partition of India and Role of Gandhi, Patel and Nehru

India became one nation thanks to the rule of the British, who in1757 after winning the famous Battle of Plassey, became the omnipotent power in the subcontinent. They united India as never before and India was the Jewel in the Crown. The Raj stretched from the Khyber Pass to the plains of Assam and deep down to the states of Travancore and Tamilnadu.

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – Ethics?

The political process of resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict requires a re-think. It should take clearer account of some ethical and religious considerations.

Is It Possible to Negotiate Fair Trade Practices With China?

The debate over whether the USA or China stands to lose the most in a trade war is really beside the point. The real question is which country is likely to succeed in getting its way as the trade war becomes more protracted and entrenched, which appears to be the case currently.

Fear Has Taken Control of the World Order

It is now more evident than ever that most people are for the most completely ignorant and babies when it comes to understanding what life is about. While blame is cast on politicians and governments it is humanity that has brought the world to this end. Mobs charging like animals are everywhere, murder and mayhem is engulfing countries, the economy is tethering on a precipice, and we are running out of room to accommodate the masses.