McDonough mum on ‘pre-emptive pardon’ for HRC

Why Trump Is Not to Blame for The Woes and Violence in The USA and Elsewhere

Many are quick to point the finger at Trump for what is happening in the USA. The rise of White Supremacy, the hard-line against migrants, the decline of power, the anger and discontent about his appointments, and so on. He is also changing many things that will take decades to undo if and when he is deposed.

Flying Scared Onboard Local Airline in Nigeria

The seed that grew my fears was planted before I got on the plane. It was last Christmas, and my destination was to Owerri, in Eastern Nigeria. Over the ticket counter, I paid an extra fee for excess luggage and checked in my bags.

Why Should The Catholic Church Survive?

It not only harbours thousands of paedophile priests but its primary goal is power and control and it is the richest organisation on earth because of its lies. It has nothing to do with God! I know this because of my memory of reincarnation and while between lives was with the Spirit and in the spirit.

Is Tiger Woods Back?

That’s what all the headlines on stories about his victory a couple of weeks ago were claiming. We live in a society that overvalues the present moment and cannot wait to jump to conclusions. How quickly we forget that many of the people writing these stories were the same ones who claimed back in 2009 that Tiger’s career was over.

How Many Catholic Pedophile Priests Are Serving Jail Time?

The facts are the RCC was founded by pedophile bishops who appear in a painting of the Council of Nicaea with each and every one accompanied by his ‘boy’ sexual partner. This is the same Council where Constantine established the religion based on a huge lie. The bible condemns religion in general and the Catholic Church in particular.

How Do We Stop Terrorism?

Here we will discuss the pros and cons of the emerging “counter-terrorism” efforts developed by 1st world nations. Is this practice one that is honorable or veiled in deceit?

The Rise Of Tyranny

Today, there is a sense of urgency that prevails in the consciousness of many. The world is moving much faster now. The tempo of life is racing so fast there is no time for rationale thinking only reacting spontaneously to the many crisis we face.

Could Khalistan – A Sikh State Have Been a Reality

Khalistan is a bird that was flown away. It was an ill-defined concept that could not have borne but there was a time before 1946 when Khalistan or the state of Punjab could have become an independent entity. Punjab was the biggest province in North India but I think people must know that neither the Congress Party not the Muslim League ruled Punjab.

Anxiety Over Brexit – Deeper Issues

British people have been expressing unease about the state of their country. One possible reason may be that nothing much else is happening in politics because of anxiety over Brexit. The prospect of economic recession is reducing confidence among many about their future prospects.

Manufactured Wars

Today, the Trump Administration have put the United States on the wrong side of history yet again. What we are witnessed to today is a repeat of how wrong Government has been ever since World War II. We have failed to heed the warnings from General Douglas Mac Arthur.

Full interview: Chief of Staff Denis McDonough

Accounting Implication of a Global Financial Crisis

The term ‘Global Financial Crisis’ means economic scarcity where there exists a continuous drawback against strategic economic growth in the world. The backgrounds with regard to the crisis had been reported in business journals for many months before September 2008, with the emphasis about the financial stringency of U.SA and world investment banks, insurance firms and mortgage Securities Companies consequent to the sub prime business crisis. Introducing with some evil critics against the business failures predominated by misapplication of risk controls for bad debts, col-lateralization of debt insurance and fraud, large financial institutions in the United States and other countries in the world had faced a credit crisis and a slowdown in economic activity.

Anti-Semitism in the UK

There was a day, long ago when with other families we were all walking one bank holiday in the countryside. The sun was shining, and the children were happy and running on the narrow rural roads.

Why Norwegians Are So Happy, Healthy, And Wise

While many consider Norwegians, to be, amongst the happiest people in the world,t they also experience longer, healthier, life expectancies, and an inner wisdom and self confidence, others often seem to envy. Although the weather is often, on the colder and windier side, their air quality is among the best in the world. This nation, which only in the last few decades, was transformed into a relatively wealthy one, because of discovering large amounts of oil, most of the power used, is not from fossil fuels but hydroelectric.

What Is Happenning in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

On February 28, President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker visited Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of his tour of the Western Balkans, countries-candidates for membership in the European Union. During his stay in Sarajevo, he said that the possible time for the country’s entry into the EU is 2025. He added that this can happen only if all conditions exist, but did not name them.

An Overview of India’s Highway Modernisation Projects

According to official Census, around two percent of India’s roads, which are national highways, facilitate more than 40 percent of inland trade via metropolitan cities. This strain, coupled with aging infrastructure, obsolete technology, and inadequate facilities, has posed several challenges to the growing economy and its motorists.

Five Confidential Reasons Why the Middle East Crisis Will Spread to Africa

The Middle East is in disputes for decades. However, now it may well become a part of a far more extensive problem that will influence the entire East Africa region, which may become a playground for power plays between the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and China. “A crisis in the Gulf is playing out in dramatic form in Somalia and the wider Horn of Africa.

Berlin: Lessons We Should Have Learned

How many times have we heard about the importance of learning from history, yet, we continue to witness, our failure, to do so, in a relevant, sustainable, significant manner? The lessons we should have learned, from looking at the history and events related to Berlin, and Germany, as a whole, should make us more alert, and prepared to do, whatever is necessary, to protect our rights, freedoms, and liberties, which Americans, take for granted. Merely looking at the history and events of the twentieth century, provides many lessons, which, if we were wiser, would change many perceptions, and reduce much…

The Bahamas At 45: 5 Lessons We Should All Learn

On July 10, 1973, the Islands of the Bahamas, became an independent nation, while, also, remaining, as a part of the British Commonwealth. The nation began, with limited finances, etc, and little infrastructure. However, it also, fortunately, began with a focus, vision, goals, priorities, and somewhat, visionary leadership.

The Queen – Why So Popular?

The Queen continues to enjoy a high approval rate from the British people. Is this because of her function as monarch, her conduct, or her deeper values?

Review of Madeleine Albright’s Book Fascism: A Warning

I have known about Fascism for quite a while. When I opened this book I realized that I did not quite understand what it was, where it came from or its dangers to democratic society. Fortunately, Albright answered all these questions for me including her caution about the implications of Fascism for our future.

McDonough: Trump ‘the freely elected president’

The Multipolar World Economy

The global economy currently is undergoing a great transformation in terms of economic structure, power, and influence. The economies that have been commonly called ” emerging markets” appear to have finally emerged and are coming into their own in terms of their contributions to global economic and financial activity. The international corporate and landscape and even the shape of the international financial system as they redefine the international economy has become even more important to grasp with this phenomenon engenders, both for the major developing economies at the forefront of this change, as well as for those especially the least developed economies that remain at the periphery. The phenomenon of shifting growth drivers is not a new one, at least from the perspective of global economic history.

The Welfare State in Europe

The “Welfare State” refers to the set of interventions organised by the state that are targeted for guaranteeing the provision of a least amount of expert services to the population by a method of social safety. The beginnings of this particular method of social safety may be traced back again to the conclusion of the 19th century in the Germany of Chancellor Bismarck. Nevertheless, this program just became generalized in Europe following World War II.

A Proposed Apology For You, Steven Smith and David Warner

Presuming Steven Smith and David Warner, as captain and vice-captain respectively, are those who are solely accountable for cheating, apart from Cameron Bancroft, this is a model apology they could make. This is using the PeaceWise Seven ‘A’ Apology.

Logical Flaw With Mandatory Attendance in Higher Education

This article is about Indian government’s reform programmes in universities to compete with world class universities. This article deals one particular reform of attendance policies in universities of top ranking.

Evaluating Lenin in the Indian Context

Vladimir Lenin has an important place in the 20th century. Unfortunately, his name is associated with more negative qualities than positive qualities. He was an intellectual with a formidable brain and he wrote many books and papers during his time in Russia.

Conservatism Is the New Counter-Culture

When people say I have “values”, what are they talking about? “Values” are the principles in which we hold dear. Values are characteristics that we hold admirable in ourselves and others.

Vladimir Putin

Russian leader Vladimir Putin was born in 1952 in St. Petersburg (then referred to as Leningrad). After graduating from Leningrad State Faculty, Putin started the career of his in the KGB as an intelligence officer in 1975. Putin rose to the best ranks of the Russian federal government after enrolling in President Boris Yeltsin’s administration in 1998, being prime minister in 1999 before taking over as president. Putin was once again appointed Russian prime minister in 2008, as well as retained the hold of his on power by generating reelection to the presidency in 2012.

Positive and Negative Effects of Globalization

Globalization refers to the general growth in addition to modernization of a country as a total entity. The main reason why globalization is critical is since it can help a community in getting international recognition and also have an impact to performance. This, nonetheless, could be projected in both good and also bad ways. The controversy on whether globalization is actually bad or good for just about any specific society has been happening since ages even though many individuals worry on the advantages of globalization; others shell out much more interest towards the compromises and chances of achieving globalization.

Poverty in Africa, a Major Global Concern

Poverty in Africa does not only refer to the lack of luxuries and fine things that the people of developed and many developing nations possess today, but the situation in Africa is way deeper and uglier than what one suspects it to be. Poverty in Africa in its truest sense means, even the lack of basic amenities such as clean drinking water, sanitization and enough food to survive. As a fun fact, an average European citizen earns three times of what an average African does by burning all his sweat, blood and with it, the dreams of a better life.

The Future of Syria

A peaceful uprising against president of Syria seven years ago has turned into a full-scale civil war. Protesters in Syria demanded the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad. The people demanded political and socioeconomic changes, fair election.


Kenya General Elections 2017: Regional Impact

Kenya set precedence. It broke bare the traditional tendencies of African democracies – sticking to power and rigging elections or suspending elections, altogether. Therefore, it was “Unafrican” and strange part of the governance system in the region. Also, it must have been received with surprise by the regional leaders.

The Ummah at War With Itself

The ummah is at war with itself. What other way is there to describe the brutal bloodletting by Muslims of Muslims in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Turkey, and, of course, Pakistan. To be fair, the ummah has not mattered for a long time to the governments or peoples of Muslim lands.

The Bully President

Never before in the history of the United Nations has a President of the United States invoke such blustery language in a way that antagonizes practically every country in the world. The false bravado and the intentional posturing of this President to maximize a defiant approach to the international crisis of the world has inadvertently placed the United States closer to igniting the flame which would lead to yet another World War. One could think back in history to a time when the United States was emerging on the world stage it was then that President Theodore Roosevelt used the…

Why Industrial Development in Pakistan Is Doing Great

Industrial Development has incredible significance on the economic development of Pakistan. It is true Pakistani has active industrial zones that indicating growth financially and Industrial advancement has demonstrated a change in national salary and advanced expectation for everyday comforts of a populace.

Why God Is So Upset With The World That It Is Being Destroyed

The confusion about climate change and global warming is such a far out debate that one must sit back and wonder at how man’s thinking is so far beyond reality. In Australia we have perfect weather to create all the power we need from the sun and wind. But are we doing that?

Why the World Is Waking Up and Why It’s Too Late to Change Anything

Most know how much room is needed to turn a ship around, especially a huge cargo carrier. They also know how much distance is required to stop a large freight train. These are only tiny vehicles in the world of which the planet is but one of billions in the universe.

Why Is the Truth Offensive to Some People?

Call me guilty of saying exactly how things are, which is not the best way of dealing with the sensitivities of others, but I believe in telling the truth. Doing the opposite defeats the purpose of uncovering the cause of our woes and the reason the world is in such dire straits. Lies and pretence are propping up a very sick World Order and we are all the victims of them.

The Ship Called Planet Earth Is Going Down

A long time ago, some 150 years or so back in time, my grand-mother and her family lived on the Island of Skye in Scotland. It is not such a great place but it was their home and they loved it. Then came the British who saw it as a place to breed their sheep.

The Biafran Recruiters: A Tale From the Nigerian Civil War

Oderah Monday, January 08, 1968. At five o’clock in the morning, Oderah, nearly six years old, had been awake for a while. Sandwiched between Kenko and Bartholomew, on a narrow, handcrafted bamboo mat, he reexamined the ceiling, and stared repeatedly at the blank walls.

Bring the Catholic Church to Justice and Reveal Its Lies

Sexual abuse by men in power is engaging the media in Australia due to the high-profile case soon to be coming into court against the number 3 official at the Vatican. Without going into his case the facts are that many priests are already in jail as they are guilty of ruining the lives of hundreds of children. Some of their victims have committed suicide.

McDonough Police Chief’s Wife Indicted

The Five And A Half Solution

With the world teetering on the edge of darkness where global tensions continue to escalate the one resounding certainly is that every substance vital to modern day life as we have been so accustomed to will soon be enormously expensive. So expensive in fact that for millions of not only Americans but millions the world over, instead of progressing into the 21st century will be thrown backward. All the industrial staples that go into the technological advances that we are using right now are all becoming more valuable.

Indo-Japan Relations on a ‘Bullet’ Ride

The article talks about the recently concluded Indo-Japan Annual Summit. It discuss the outcome of this meeting and reviews the present relation between these countries.

Government Fiscal Stimulus Program in India: Blessing or CURSE?

As per the current economic scenario in India it is evident that the government has been unable to maintain economic harmony, rather it has made a serious damage by eradicating people’s spending power. The manufacturing output is at its low and import-export are struggling at two year low. It is evident with the economic indicators that businesses are at its all time low and businessmen have lost confidence in bringing the money out in the market again.

Brexit: British or European?

According to the laws of most countries, one gains one’s nationality from the country of one’s birth, and this is certainly the case in the UK. Anyone born in the UK is accorded British citizenship, irrespective of their parents’ nationality, although this may confer additional citizenship rights. Thus, those born in the UK before 1973, when the UK joined the European Economic Community, held British citizenship. For many, however, that momentous event brought a new sense of citizenship and personal identity: they became Europeans. And many of those born in the UK after 1973 have grown up feeling themselves to be, first and foremost, Europeans. Now with Britain leaving the EU, people must decide where their emotional allegiance lies and for many this presents a painful choice.

Africa’s Underdevelopment: Who Is Responsible?

According to the externalists, Europe should be blamed for the economic backwardness of Africa. However, this paper shall lean towards the internalist paradigm which asserts that the economic, political and technological stagnation of Africa, can only be traced to Africa. Indeed, Africans underdeveloped Africa.

Postal State in India: Need to Be Positive

‘India is a huge country, nay sub-continent. Two things that bind the whole country together are Railways and Postal Service.’ V S Naipaul, The Daily Mail, London, 2011 The postal state in India could be termed as snail mail/outdated mode of knitting together the diverse nation.

Delhi-6: A Cinematic ‘Buttressing’

You remember, there was a movie called ‘Delhi 6’ which hit the marquee a few years ago? To many cine-goers, ‘Delhi-6’ was an intriguing film title. Actually, it was based on the Pin Code of North Delhi (precisely, Chandani Chowk area): 110006.

Jerusalem As Israeli Capital – What Is in Store for the World?

U.S. President Donald Trump has an uncanny ability to turn things to his advantage. First, it was his policy against outsourcing, or actions against illegal immigrants that brought him to the media limelight. Now, it is on an altogether different theme – bring the religious issue to the center stage with his unambiguous pro-Israeli stance that can lead the world to a conflagration where rest of the world may turn against US-Israeli alliance.

Post-Colonial South Asia in Contrast to Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s Life

It was feared that after getting rid of the temporary slavery of British, the Muslims will become permanent slaves of the Hindus. The biggest rivalry, India and Pakistan, parted ways in August 1947 and then the separation between West Pakistan and East Pakistan (Bangladesh), with Indian influence in March 1971, was also a massacre and a human made disaster that is still talked about. Since then, relationship between both the countries have turned into a timeless war between Fire Nations Vs Water Nations, Marvel vs DC, Coke vs Pepsi, Team Emelia vs Team Rem, etc. Pakistan, after the year 1947, has been led by several politically strong individuals but the leaders never ever got successful in creating a huge and strong image of the country in the rest of the world, neither creation of sustainable national constitution was brought in light, until Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the building block of Pakistan People’s Party, came in power and did remarkable efforts in taking Pakistan to paths of modernity and success. Despite the economic recession, the party faced, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and his party were the major causes of positive and strong reforms that took place in Pakistan.

Defining Australia in the Perspective of a Non-Australian

As a fifth semester college student of English major who is currently taking Australian Studies subject, I am quite perplexed when my lecturer asked us, the students, to write an article with “Defining Australia” as the topic. In the end, I decided that I’d just write my own opinions and viewpoints of what is the real definition of Australia. In this essay, I will try to state one basic yet complicated problem and link it with the way whether or not we can define Australia concretely.