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Brexit Rumbles on! Lords a Sleeping, MPs a Fiddling. Are We Sure About Climate, the New World Order

The whole Brexit debate has become such a waste of money, our money that it must now be criminal neglect of the Westminster bubbles fiduciary duty toward their tax payer. How many hours have the Lords spent on this issue only to be able to offer guidance in an undemocratic way, which runs counter to their mandate. Oh! How those guys must regret the loss of Victorian times, how they must regret their peers in 1870 introducing free elementary school to the plebs, with the audacity to compound it in 1944 with free secondary schooling. What a burden us educated folk must be.

Climate Change and Deliberate Action Against It

It has been known for decades that the world faces the effects of climate change. A planet in peril has not persuaded people enough to call out the inaction of governments and the willingness of populations to elect the deniers into positions of leadership. The right-wing conservatives are in power in most western nations and the extreme weather conditions have not done a thing to dampen their inactivity.

Trump Schutzpah and Russian Gelt

American President Trump and Putin of Russia are twins in ambition, each in line with his country’s standards.. Businessman Trump chases money while ex-Soviet Putin trolls for world domination. America’s freedom and Russia’s dark money seem to have teamed during the Trump administration and the result is global chaos American law based on its benevolent Constitution can restore order for progress toward worldwide prosperity..

Why Right Wing Conservatives and Religious Enslavement Are Destroying the World

In every country where the right-wing side of politics prevails there are major problems. Things like climate change, help for the poor, and the human rights of migrants are pushed aside and overshadowed or degraded enough to fool the masses. People who cling to such political ideologies are usually defenders of religions and they also seek to increase poverty so there is little choice for the majority but to work for Big Business.

The Runaway Trump Train

Donald Trump is trampling the US Constitution like a circus elephant gone wild. The Trump base loves his insolence in defying social and legal norms. To them, he is a risk-taking businessman keeping the country on track even if his methods are dirty. To break that staunch loyalty to a sketchy leader, lawmakers will have to split the base into those with common sense and the others who will be drowned out in the fight to preserve the Constitution.

Who Should Take Responsibility for Children of the Islamic State?

On a television documentary this question was raised in response to a number of people in Australia with relatives trapped in a Syrian camp. The ones advocating for their return to this country included women in berkers. That means they are sympathetic to the Islamic cause or they would not dare to clothe themselves in that manner, in my opinion.

The Headlines: Putin Rejects a Place at the NWO Top Table Vows to Be Their Formidable Enemy!

Collectively there are two areas which must be actioned, our liberty is at risk, and I don’t mean we’ll only read in the media what the state wish us to read, or we’ll be referred as Racist everytime we object to a benefit payment or refer to Brexit. No we will be forever in servitude at the pleasure, as an object of the black rituals for the self-appointed elite within the New World Order.

Puny Trump in Grand UN

The United States founded the United Nations after WWII to avoid future wars. Membership is now near 200 countries, big and small, rich and poor, some good, some bad as measured by leadership, economy, legal systems, human rights and living conditions. The United States is the global leader by economy. Until the current administration it was also the leader in advancing democratic ideals. As world leaders meet for the annual General Assembly session in 2019, the United States is a pathetic disappointment to other world leaders..

Science and Climate Change and Why It Should Not Be Ignored

The most prominent debate at this time is climate change and the manner in which it is downplayed and twisted into unsubstantiated tales. Governments are the worst offenders when it comes to twisting facts into policies. It stands to reason that those who favour their elected representatives are, therefore, more trusting of them than they are of some science that may well be above their heads.

Ten Things to Love About America on Trump Days

America is at a legal crossroads with isolationist Trump as President in l world facing global challenges from migration due to climate change and a world in constant contact through social media. America is the acknowledged world leader in progress toward justice and equality. America’s elected leaders clash daily on a way forward. In the exhausting battle about the future, Americans can take a breather with a reminder of what makes America as great as it is..