Sign war continues as ‘NO BUCKHEAD CITY’ sign stolen from woman’s yard

Sign war continues as 'NO BUCKHEAD CITY' sign stolen from woman's yard

Why Did England Sell the Original Magna Carta to Wealthy US Citizens – That’s a Scary Thought

Back during the Bush Administration after the major fighting had stopped in Iraq and partial victory was declared, the new interim Iraqi government met to come up with a constitution to help guide their nation forward and to unite the Sunny, Shia, and Kurds so they could begin rebuilding. Unfortunately, there were still many who were bitter from the internal sectarian violence and some old republican guard still around making it nearly impossible to come to any consensus on a constitution.

Indian Foreign Policy and External Relations

Indian foreign policy plays an important role in building relations with other nations through peace and progress. Through this policy, India formulates, adopts several principles and tries to give a meaningful direction to its thoughts at international level.

Over Population and Collapse – Let’s Handle Our Own Affairs and Forget the Rest of the World

The United Nations has a committee that is working on the challenges of overpopulation. That is to say too many humans on the planet causing us to run out of resources, things such as; freshwater, fossil fuels, food, medicine, resources and materials. It’s a huge problem. It may not be such a big problem where you are because maybe you live in a sparsely populated area and everything seems fine. But in many places in the world things are not so fine, people are living in the middle of the desert, and they are importing everything.

The Euro’s Original Sin

The euro was meant to bind united Germany within a peaceful, prosperous Europe. But Europe was not ready to be bound and now resents it.

Arab Spring of 2013 – Place Your Bets

Well, we’re coming up on the Arab spring, and you are probably wondering how come the Middle East goes out of control twice a year. The reason is that during the time periods between winter and summer, the weather is quite decent, and people come out of their habitats and roam the streets. With not a lot to do, high unemployment, and tons of people in their early 20s, there’s a lot of piss and vinegar, testosterone, and all that is available to angry youth. It’s a recipe for disaster, and one can only wonder what will happen in the Arab Spring of 2013.

Mount Zion Is the Teaching for The End

There is so much of the bible that is hard to understand until one is taken through it by the Spirit. For two years it was hardly out of my hands as the words of the book came to life to expose the lies that have added and to extract the truth for publication.

The End of the World and Mount Zion

There is little doubt now that the world is coming to a major catastrophic time and that not many humans will survive. But some will go on and they the ones who will find themselves perched on God’s Mount Zion. So what does that mean?

The Big Picture – Why Are We Here?

The answers are not as straight forward as one might expect because they were not meant to be discovered until the appointed time. That time has arrived as we are nearing the end and the harvest is ready.

Informal Mining Industry in Southern Central Africa

Informal mining industry for precious and semi-precious stones in Southern Central Africa. Descriptions of the minerals and systems used to mine by informal miners in areas that are extremely difficult to access.

The Big Picture – The Plan of God

As the world approaches the end of days as we know them the purpose of life is being revealed. The promises laid out in the prophecies of the Old Testament are coming to fruition and some with experience the rapture while others will simply fade away. Not all people are of God.