Six years, no arrest: Fulton County teen’s murder remains unsolved

Six years, no arrest: Fulton County teen's murder remains unsolved

Internet News – Best Way to Get Updates From World Over

News is something that we listen to, watch or read daily to gain the knowledge of the activities and current situation of our area, city and country. News is an abbreviation for North, East, West and south i.e. news is something that covers every direction and each part of the world.

How to Choose a Private Investigator in Australia

If you are in the position where you need to hire a private investigator, then you are most likely going through a difficult time in your life and it may be hard to know where to turn. To help you with your decision process we have provided a short list of things to look out for when choosing a private investigator.

Refugees – The Other Side of The Coin

This article is about several experiences during my last trip to Africa. I traveled very extensively in East and West Africa as a consultant for solid waste management projects. I hoped to improve the quality of the lives of the African people by completing several projects to assist them with waste management, however, I was consistently concerned and even shocked by the conditions that people had to face in Africa, such as frequent displacement as refugees and the epidemic of AIDS. I like to write often about my experiences and have written specifically about these problems in Africa.

Emperor Constantine Is Identified As 666 But He Worked for God

Religion is powerful when people are brainwashed into it and that is pretty much all they believe. But no man is powerful enough to introduce a system that has ruled the world for two millennium unless God is at the helm.

Emperor Constantine Is the Assyrian and the Amorite Warned Against in Prophecies

Unraveling the mysteries of the bible was led by the Spirit but the anger felt because of the wall built by emperors inspired my passion to expose them. They knew nothing of the real God but understood how much people needed something to believe in.

Hey That’s My Ice, It Came From My Ice Shelf, Bring It Back

Now then, what if the ice shelf is 175 miles on its long side against the coast, and 50 miles wide, and travels 20 miles adrift, and what it if drifts around and back again? If it drifts 15-miles it would have added 15 miles to its territory, but if it drifts twenty miles it loses 30 miles plus 175 miles of shoreline. At what point does a broken off ice shelf, no longer belong to the nation from which it broke free?

Emperor Constantine and Easter

The actions of Constantine have been largely ignored until today when the evidence is mounting against the credibility of the religion he established and the image he created. Now that he is identified as the one bearing the number 666 there is a lot more to come out about him.

Challenges to Life in the 21st Century

In the global village of 7 billion, two clear divides exist, the drivers and the driven. Who takes the driver’s seat, corporations, politicians or religious leaders, is dictated by how much laxity is given to them by the citizens of the world. When the population is increasing and natural resources depleting, citizens have a right to know who is at the helm of affairs, God or Empire Builders. When the sustenance of life is endangered, scientists turn to seabed or asteroid mining, corporations dive into research that consumes whatever is left and religions turn their face away. Leaders stay engrossed in building empires or sustaining dynasties. Poor citizens are entrapped in the struggle for survival on one hand, and the tussle for an impossible change in the leadership on the other. Whether it is an uprising that is brutally crushed, a financial bailout that empties the tax reservoir or a natural calamity like the tsunami, citizens are on their own. In the changing landscape of life in the 21st Century, are Plato, Chanakya, Adam Smith and Karl Marx relevant anymore? Let us investigate…

The Correct Meaning of BC

The Christian religion has hijacked the true meaning of BC to apply it to its prophet, who research and the bible state was invented by Constantine in 325AD. Even if he had existed the dates could not refer to him.

Reincarnation and Spirituality

If spirituality and reincarnation are real where does that leave religion? My experience of both is such that memory and knowledge that came with me from my last life shows that man is not even close in understanding how God works.