Mother loses 15-year-old son in shooting, second time she’s lost a child to gun violence

The Positive Future of US and Egyptian International Diplomacy Considered

In the first world we believe that respect must be earned, but we duly grant tolerance to all religions and ways of life, up to a point of course. For instance, we cannot tolerate violence or terrorist attacks in the name of someone else’s religion upon the free people of the world. Nor should we ever expect too. Those who engage in such will not be tolerated, nor should they be respected.

International Affairs Topics and Some Philosophy On That

Not long ago, I was having a rather interesting discussion with an acquaintance about international affairs, US Diplomacy, and some of the mistake I thought we had made along the way. You see, I am rather for a “tough love” approach, speak softly and swing the stick only when needed. Battleship or perhaps aircraft carrier diplomacy in the present period, well that all suits me fine because we are a super power, the world’s only and sometime you just have to take charge.

The Shadow Side of Salt Spring Island

This writing is applicable to everyone, which is how it tends to be when inspired from the Heart. I didn’t know when I decided to create a blog featuring the Shadow archetype, that the circumstances of my life on Salt Spring Island during the summer of 2006 would surface still seeking to be exposed. My intuition knew otherwise.

Smuggling of 3.5 Billion Hilsa Per Annum to India!

Subsidy Money goes to the Big Fish instead of the Fishermen. ‘Jatka (Young Hilsa) Preservation Fails and so Hilsa Yield is Never Achieved.

UN Resolution to Prevent Free Speech World Wide – What Will They Think of Next?

It looks as if some nations of the world wish to control the speech not only of their own citizens, but of all citizens of any country on Earth. Wow, that’s a brazen request, and coming from a nation of “free-speech” that really is bothersome to me. Imagine you say something that is offensive to some third world dictator, King, communist leader, socialist government, or something that someone, anyone, who know whom it might be of any given religion finds what you said online offensive?

Religious Cover-Up and Paedophilia

Paedophilia, murder, cover up and corruption have grown under the heading of religious tolerance. While most are brain-washed into believing that religion is right and proper and that it is not to be denied there is a case to force a change in this type of thinking.

We Are in The Day of the Lord Which Started on 27th May 2012

We Are in The Day of the Lord Which started on 27th May 2012 and this is why I believe it… [I don’t want to believe it and believing it has put me in a spiral of depression recently so be WARNED: some people will be able to say it’s not true and laugh it off, but if you start joining the dots and believe the books I’m about to mention then you may become depressed.]

Nigerians, the Problem of Nigeria

It is the conviction of many that Nigeria has problem(s) or better still Nigeria is not operating at the level she ought to as an independent nation. A 52year old for that matter!

Diamonds and Human Rights

Diamonds are among the most precious and sought after jewels known to man. Their rarity and value are only matched by the multitude of uses in fields like metallurgy, telecommunications and jewelry.

Why Is The US Avoiding the China Territorial Ocean Disputes With Japan?

The United States is allied with Japan and also with China as our preferred trading partner. We have military bases in Japan and have since WWII. We’ve also been involved saving China’s butt from the Japanese, and later had the Chinese aiding our enemies against us. We’ve obviously had it out with the Japanese in WWII, and that just wasn’t very funny. Today, we are all trading partners. So, why aren’t we all working together to resolve the issues of ocean territorial disputes between Japan and the Chinese?