Police say they’re turning around residents at apartment complex where SWAT standoff is active

Palestine – Strong Emotions Rise With Changing Times

The recognition of the State of Palestine by UNESCO is considered a major accomplishment for Palestinians. 2 in 3 respondents (66%) feel this recognition will have a positive impact on their lives – this notion is expressed highly in the Gaza Strip (70% vs. the 61% in the West Bank). Moreover, UNESCO’s recognition is believed by 74% to increase the likelihood of a full UN membership for the State of Palestine. YouGov conducted a research study of 331 Palestinian residents, both West Bank and Gaza, during the period 15 – 20 December 2011.

Rebooting Don Mueang Airport

Don Mueang Airport is now being used just marginally. However, under the policy reversal by the airports of Thailand Plc (AoT), it will be fully reactivated very soon in order to provide considerable relief to Suvarnabhumi Airport which is fully packed.

Opportunities in the Tunnels

Underground business is booming these days and that is where the major opportunity actually lies. Thailand under the King’s Patronage now has the potential for ASEAN underground tunnel construction, according to the Thailand Underground and Tunneling Group (TUTG). The limited land in downtown commercial, that is, the core of Bangkok, meant for above the ground development has led to the need to come up with several underground tunnels and commercial developments in central business areas such as Ploenchit, Chidlom and Sukhumvit.

Introducing Cameroon “Africa in Miniature”

Cameroon as you may know or not know is a rather small, but rich country in terms of cultural, climatic, and biodiversity like the size of San Francisco. It’s a country with a unique history and where history is being made every single day. Because of it’s so much uniqueness and cultural, linguistic and historic as well as geographic and climatic diversity some historians and geographers has often refer to it as “Africa in miniature”. In other words it is all of the African continent displayed in a single country and people.

Beginnings of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The backbone of British diplomatic assistance for the Jewish nation was the 1917 Balfour Declaration, by which British Foreign Secretary Lord Balfour his state’s assistance of the development of a Jewish national home in Palestine. In 1920 Britain created and implemented a country etched out from Ottoman Syria, a portion of which contained Palestine (modern-day Israel). It was known as the British Mandate for Palestine, and the League of Nations decided that Britain oversee the area until it could possibly function like a sovereign region. This illustrates why the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is profoundly complex. It is deemed an existential struggle between a couple of groups that has lasted between 60 and 4,000 years (depending on how we establish such groups). A lot of attempts of peace between the two sides failed, though these were backed and even orchestrated by American presidents going back to Harry Truman. On the other hand, the conflict is exceptionally straightforward. It depends upon one simple concern: territory.

Syrian Civil War – Could It Escalate Into a Major Conflict or World War?

While everyone is looking at the Euro Crisis and watching the news, perhaps they might not realize the quick escalation of events in the on-going Syrian Civil War. Okay so, let’s discuss all this shall we?

Love Thy Neighbor – The View Of Iran From Across The MENA Region

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), stated that it believes Iran has developed the technology required to produce nuclear weapons and appears to have conducted extensive research on a miniaturized warhead that could be delivered by medium range missiles. The report from the UN agency, comes as Israeli officials consider military action against Tehran and will raise questions over which avenues the International community and particularly the United States (which has imposed an arms ban and an almost total economic embargo on Iran), has left to pursue. A recent poll examines the reaction across MENA to the publication of the IAEA’s report. For the poll, 2000 residents were interviewed from a panel of 240,000 MENA residents.

Best Ways for Expats to Stay in Touch

When expats move away, they often times lose communication with their loved ones. However, with the help of technology they are able to stay in contact better and bridge the geographic gap.

Measuring and Monitoring Farm Production and Land Use Indicators in Developing Countries

This article outlines the challenges faced by development agencies in measuring, monitoring and tracking land usage indicators such as farm production. It looks at the errors and problems with existing approaches and outlines a statistical approach that has been trailed successfully in Northern Mozambique.

The UN, G-20, NATO, EU, and Other International Organizations Could Use Some Help

Recently, an acquaintance made an interesting comment to me, he said that maybe working together with many nations to build a space colony or develop a long-term space mission might do more good bringing people of the world together than NATO or the UN, and you know what? I think he might be correct in that.

Gunman shot at officers multiple times during SWAT standoff

Should We Allow Family Members of Anti-US Foreign Leaders To Become US Citizens?

Did you know that much of Osama bin Laden’s extended family lived in the US and were quite happy to do so; yet, he himself waged war against the US and US interests. In the end we did get Osama, but he still wanted his offspring to get an American education and live in the US, not in the regions where he lived where there was little true freedom. He wanted the US out of Islamic Nations and their affairs, but he himself certainly liked all that the Western World has to offer.

Should Members of Fallen Regimes Be Allowed Safe Haven In the United States?

As the Tunisian, Egyptian, and Libyan regimes fell many members in their group defected prior to the fall, some had been loyal to the US, our CIA, and done business with major US companies here in the states. They may have appeared at times to be going along with the status quo, sometimes negative on America, sometimes not, nevertheless as those regimes came to a close, they couldn’t stay. Many had wealth, and business interests around the world, but where can they go?

Nationalism, International Relations, And Mixed Families of Different Citizenship Considered

Not long ago, I was presented an excellent question to discuss, namely; if some family members of one nation demanded and shouted that “America must leave our country” and other members of that same family came to America to become citizens, shouldn’t the US be concerned, especially if that family was the aristocratic class of the other nation? Now then, my first thought is I wouldn’t condemn anyone for wishing to become an American Citizen, we have people lined up to get into our country.

Was This Only Way To Go?

Some years ago, our country went into a tailspin because the oil price had dropped to a terrifying low of -$9 a barrel. This impacted heavily on the population as our economy is oil-based driven. There was an election held around that time as it was constitutionally due, and the incumbent government was voted out 33-3.

We Have a Problem When A Rogue Regime Can Make Global Threats And Raise Oil Prices

They say in a society the civilization always gets more of what rewards. When we reward bad behavior from citizens, or we reward the cheaters and fraudsters, we get more of that behavior. Perhaps that goes without saying in a large group of people, but what about when it comes to nations all interacting in the global society? Right now, I think we have the same problem, and I’d like to discuss this with you for a few moments if I might.

The Negative Impact of Globalization

Globalization helps capitalism by enhancing opportunities for free trade and commerce throughout the world. Capitalists from rich countries, they exploit poor countries by using their cheap labor for increase their production. One thing I want to say that if the people of the developing countries are conscious of the capitalists’ evil motives and act accordingly, they will certainly be able to make the world a better living place for man.

Poaching Doctors

Rich countries, short of doctors and nurses, are poaching medical professionals from developing countries where they are desperately needed. Why is this happening and how can it be stopped?

The History of China

About one-fifth of the world population lives in China. A few years ago, the population of China reached the billion mark and it’s still growing. However, the Government of the People’s Republic of China saw that such an increase was dangerous especially if the trend continued. The country would no longer be able to feed itself or educate its children. Therefore, it asked couples to have smaller families, and made them pay extra taxes if they surpassed one child. It’s believed than China’s population is now slowing down.

What Is News Curation?

An introduction to new curation. What it is, how you can get involved, and what tools you can use.

Where To Find Unbiased News

How can you tell weather or not a news report is unbiased? And where can you find objective and unbiased news sources?