Betty White Challenge has major impact on metro Atlanta animal shelters

World Book Night – Spreading the Love of a Lifetime

World Book Night is a recent phenomenon which started in the UK in 2011. It has now spread to the US and other countries as a way to reach out with great reading to those who have not yet discovered this passion – or to those who have forgotten just how enriching a good book can be.

A Better Fit – Academic Vs Skills Vs Character Vs Age

How do you decide the best fit for a job. Are you just looking at one area and neglecting other aspects which will influence society. There are many issues underlinings our actions and decisions. If you are an employer and a decision maker then you might find some truth that you have never considered before.

Does The Qur’an Preach Violence?

In fact, every Qur’anic reference to fighting in a war is qualified by some moral condition of restraint. Muslims are commanded not to commit injustice, they are not to use violence disproportionate to that which threatens them, and they are not to use violence at all when credible avenues to peace are available.

Can We Turn the Middle East Into a Perpetual Oasis With Rivers and Lakes? Yes

Is it possible to create artificial rivers in the Middle East? Can we create a perpetual oasis, a modern city with rivers and lakes and water features? Is it even possible that we can do it in such an arid region of our planet? Why not? What if we did this in all of the Arab nations that could afford the creation of such abundance thanks to their oil sales? Consider if you will that the United States sends over $180 billion a year to oil-producing nations? Obviously, they have the money to create a watery abundance, but should they you ask?

Why Katyn Still Haunts Us

New evidence hints FDR knew who committed the Katyn Forest massacre. Even today, we tend to give allies a pass on inhumanity.

What Respect Means to the World

Americans have historically paid little attention to the impact their views about rights and freedoms can have on people of other cultures. Our traditional values presuppose that self-reliant individuals can succeed by their own efforts. As our interdependence on world neighbors becomes more evident, however, we need to revisit our attitude toward respect if we want to be good citizens on the world stage.

Will Libya Slip Back Into a Civil War Without Government Control?

If a government is weak and the population divided, it only takes a spark to set a full-scale revolution in progress. If you have religious sects vying for control, you are already half way there, throw in a bit of international influence, and it’s very hard to prevent. Okay so, with all this known and with my “citation” being “history” let’s go ahead and talk about Libya in 2012 and moving forward shall we?

Arab Spring Becoming Arab Fall

While America watched the Arab nations rebel against their governments this spring, many believed we may have been witnessing an overthrow of dictatorial government, and waited for the democracies to take hold. Now they have, and they hate America. Arab Fall is now upon us, and it is looking like an early winter.

Radicals Destroying Muslim Cultural Heritage in Timbuktu

Misguided Muslim hardliners are not only attacking worship places of other religions especially of Christianity but they also find many things to destroy in their own homes. Saints and Sufi’s enjoy a special place in Muslim culture and are usually regarded as the ones who struggled for propagation of Islam in diversified regions.

The Coming Revolution

We are on the cusp of a worldwide technological revolution that will happen in your lifetime. It is one that will shake the foundations of society as we know it. In fact, it has, without much notice, already begun. And its name is 3D Printing.