Tree crashes through roof, leaving Jonesboro family homeless

Mosquito Nets for Africa

For a cost of $12.00 you can potentially save a life. That is all it would take to purchase an mosquito net for Africa that includes an insecticide. This mosquito net will protect an adult or child from the dreaded female attacker who deposits the disease, usually at night, into the bloodstream.

Why Syria Matters to Us

Syria has been in the news almost daily for the past 17 months. But how many of us really understand what is happening there and how it matters to us? Father Nadim Nassar is the first and only Episcopal Priest of Syrian descent in the Church of England and recently granted me an interview. This fascinating and information exchange hopefully allowed me to strike the right balance between information, relevance to the readers, and historical context. I hope it helps those of us who aren’t well-versed in Middle Eastern politics, to better understand the situation in Syria and how it affects us all.

The Fire We Didn’t Start – The Sound and Fury of the Middle East and the Arab Perennial

Trust me when I tell you that we didn’t start the fire in the shifting sands of the Middle East. They’ve been going on for as long as we have had written recorded history, and I guess Billy Joel also explained that the chaos an controversy, and sound and fury the world over has been going on since the world has been turning. Perhaps this is no surprise to you, nor should it be. Indeed, at our think tank we are constantly making assessments of what comes next.

Invest in the United States, Get a Green Card

People around the world seek to immigrate to the United States for various reasons. Though it is the dream of many foreigners to immigrate to the United States, it is not an easy task to obtain a Green Card and become a permanent resident of America.

The Saudis Are Helping Dislodged Syrian Refugees – Are They Also Supporting the Rebels?

The Saudi government is encouraging its wealthy citizens to help out their fellow Sunnis which have fled Syria. Many have made it to the borders of Lebanon and Turkey. The Saudi’s are sending them money, lots of donations to help them out in this terrible crisis. The number of refugees coming out of Syria is growing by the day, it is already well into the tens of thousands, if it hasn’t already increased to over 100,000 people, one unconfirmed report said 200,000 but I can’t verify that in time for this article’s publishing.

UFOs: Do They Exist?

There is a lot of confusion over supernatural sightings experienced in numerous places. A wide range of results appears when one intrigues about the UFO in Google. The phenomena already build up about the sightings say that that the flying objects are round steely discs or large triangular that float quietly a few feet above the ground. Most UFO videos found over the internet are by some whiz kid playing pranks and the image quality is never clear. Only the knowledgeable few can distinguish between the real and the reel ones.

Blaming Iraq’s Trade With Iran As the Failure of Iranian Economic Sanctions Is Laughable

In the summer of 2012 we noted a very interesting set of articles appear all over the media explaining how Iraq was undermining the economic sanctions on Iran. Of course, we must understand that Iran borders Iraq, and there isn’t much trade going on with Syria due to the chaos there with the potential fall of the Assad regime. But I’d like to ask whom Iraq is supposed to trade with if it cannot trade with one of its largest neighbors.

Islamic Sectarian Violence – Can the West Help By Remaining an Enemy to the Middle East?

Ronald Reagan once made a very interesting speech while he was in Europe talking to the other leaders of the world. He said that it was too bad that humans couldn’t all get together in a common cause, perhaps defending against an alien invasion, as it would bring all nations together. That is an interesting thought, and there is a lot of truth to that. To build a team, sometimes it pays to have a common enemy. The problem is if the common enemy is a common human, now we have all the makings for a major conflict.

China, Philippines, and Last But Not Least, USA

There are two main issues regarding Philippines that are surfacing at the moment; the first is the territorial conflict between the two nations mainly involving the Huangyen islands in the South China sea, while the second is the anti-governmental armed protests in Philippines by the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF). One notable point in the two occurrences is that the Chinese believe that the United States of America is deeply involved in both issues – and in a very negative way.

What/Who Is Anonymous?

The question people have been asking is, “who or what is Anonymous?” People have asked if members of this hacktivist group are freedom fighters, vigilantes or terrorists. However asking about members is not the way to get at the meaning of this group. The real question is, on a metaphysical level, what is Anonymous? Or in other words, on a fundamental level, what kind of entity or being is it?