Buckhead crime task force scrutinized

Business and Trade in Hong Kong: A Look

Hong Kong is the place to be if you are thinking of starting your business. Here is a look at the trade and finance of Hong Kong and what makes this place special.

What Is a Press Pass and How You Can Get It

Whether one is a part time photographer or a full time journalist, one needs a press pass or equivalent press credentials if they wish to cover news or seek admission to a particular event. This article covers the meaning of the press pass and how one can get these passes.

China Pulls Out All the Stops To Control Its Economic Flows Without Regard to Free Markets

China has been an unbelievable success story ever since Richard Nixon went over to China to talk with Chairman Mao. For over thirty years China’s economy has experienced 10% year-over-year growth, although it has now slowed slightly as a percentage of that larger pie, it’s still growing at an unbelievable clip. Still not all is well in China, as they are experiencing raising labor rates, rising inflation, and they are running out of markets that can use that massive level of exports, as other emerging markets pull back, the EU fails to recover, and the US is only slightly growing.

Syria’s False Definition of Strength

Some in Syria have claimed President Obama to be weak by virtue of his negotiating with Congress and Russia instead of unilaterally declaring war on the Assad government. These people have a wrong definition of what is strength and what is weakness. And that definition has had a lot to do with making Syria the terrible place that it is.

Press Passes for Covering National and International Events

Both full time and part time journalists need credentials that will get them recognized as serious workers in the media field. There are many private organizations that give authentic media credentials to serious and budding journalists, helping them to cover major events.

10 Kick Ass Facts About Riler Sheriff

Riler Sheriff’s Family Gave Him a Girl’s Name: “Little Riley.” Riler’s family never called him “Riler.” They preferred to call him by his nickname “Riley” or “Little Riley.

5 True and False French Culture Facts

I love to read material about French culture. What’s interesting is that they’re usually articles written by non-French folks saying things about France and French people that are all too often false. Since I am French, I wanted to set things straight about a few things that people seem to be quite confused about at times.

How to Prevent Terrorism From Megacity Slums

Megacity slums, home to millions of people living in appalling and lawless conditions, will be a clear and present danger if they become home to international terrorists. We have to prevent this happening.

100 Days of Xi Jinping

100 days since Xi Jinping assumed his full responsibilities as the President of the People’s Republic of China. So we review how his new administration preformed in these key initial few months, what was enacted and what was encountered. The world’s attention is increasingly turning to China and there is the possibility that the Xi period will mark the creation of, in the words of the European Council on Foreign Relations’ Director Mark Leonard, “China 3.0”, the next China. If, as many have forecast, the 21st century is to be China’s century, the Xi Jinping premiership will be of critical, foundational importance.

How Halloween Came to Germany

How do you import a holiday? A German marketing expert had little trouble doing so with Halloween in post-unification Germany.

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